Wading Accessories

Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff
Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff, Take a second to open your staff, wade in confidently through swift river currents in pursuit of a rising trout.
Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System
Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System, This system includes a pack that slides independently from back to front, a molded net holster for long-handled nets & a shoulder strap with tool and fly attachment
Korkers OmniTrax 3.0 Triple Threat Aluminum Hex Disc Soles
Korkers OmniTrax 3.0 Triple Threat Aluminum Hex Disc Soles, Sticky rubber V3 Omnitrax removable outsoles with Korkers bolt-on Aluminum Hex disc traction enhancement spikes. 
Guide Belt ZS Camo
Umpqua Guide Belt ZS Camo, Much more than a wading belt! Provides easy storage for your net and also features two snag-free ZeroSweep accessory ports to allow easy tool attachments.
Backmagic Wading Belt
Simms Backmagic Wading Belt- Redesigned for 2018! Greatly reduces lower back stress and fatigue - a must-have for any angler with a back.
Guide Change Mat Black
Simms Guide Change Mat Black, Stay out of the dirt and rocks with the Guide Change Mat.
Replacement Camera Mount Disk
Folstaf Replacement Camera Mount Disk, fits on the top of your Folstaf Wading staff and allows you to mount yuour camera.
Tenacious Tape Repair-Black
Tenacious Tape Repair-Black, Don't panic when your puffy jacket starts leaking feathers in the middle of a camping trip. Just seal up the tear with Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Mini Patches.
Wading Staff Pro Carbon Fiber
Simms’ Pro Wading Staff excels against the push and pull thanks to the lightweight, high-strength capabilities of best-in-class carbon tubing. The four-section staff includes a FastLock system for customizable lengths between 51 and 56 inches A contoured
Wading Staff - Dark Gunmetal
For every cubic foot per second scheming to send you sideways, Simms’ 7075 Aluminum Wading Staff offers a balance-enhancing solution. The durable, 4-section staff has a locking detent button and includes an adjustable FastLock system for customizable leng
2018 Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch Gunmetal
Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch, Simms' submersible Waterproof Tech Pouch is a survival suit for your digital devices especially your smart phone.
Super Folstaf Wading Staff
Super Folstaf Wading Staff
Super Folstaf collapsible wading staffs are indestructible and easily open with a flick of the wrist. Folded up, the staff is only 9" and keeps out of the way on your wading belt until ready to use.
$179.95 $155.95
Wading Staff Rubber Tip - Black
Compliments the Simms Wading Staff
Ballhead Camera Mount
Camera Mount for Folstaf Wading Staff
AquaSeal UV Repair 1/2 Oz.
AquaSeal UV Repair 1/2 Oz., Need to make instant field repairs to outdoor gear, but don’t have time to wait for the glue to dry? Try Aquaseal UV.
AquaSeal Instant Wader Repair Kit
Instantly repair Gore-Tex and breathable waders with this patch kit.
Cotol/AquaSeal Combo
Will fix & adhere to any material. This incredibly strong, flexible repair is for all types of waders especially breathables and neoprene.
GORE-TEX Repair Kit
Simms GORE-TEX Repair Kit, Made specifically for GORE-TEX® products - a great kit to keep on-hand for easy repairs to your GORE-TEX® waders or outerwear. Kit includes one 2" x 4" rectangular patch and one 1/4 ounce tube of AquaSeal®
Backsaver Wading Belt
Simms Backsaver Wading Belt, Greatly reduces lower back stress and fatigue - a must-have for any angler with a back.
Wading Staff Retractor
Simms Wading Staff Retractor, Stay connected Keep your wading staff secure and at the ready, with this bomber retractor built with a braided Spectra cable.
Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro Staff
Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro, a large cork and foam and handle for secure grip, and your choice of rubber or carbide tip for the ultimate in stability.