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Fish Pimp
Strike Indicators
These terrific strike indicators are 30% lighter than other foam indicators, Float high and are easy to see and cast, aerodynamically shaped on both ends which reduces wind resistance when casting, Easy to apply and remove, and are reusable.
Abel’s made-in-the-USA Zinger boasts stainless steel and 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum construction and is designed with the option to either attach to a vest using a screw mechanism or utilize the included “S” carabineer to clip it .
Dan Bailey
Lightweight Breathable Waders
A breathable wader with good features at a great price. 100% tough Taslon nylon outer shell with all seams taped and sewn and an extra layer to protect the knees.
Loon Outdoors
Loon Small Caddy
The”Secure-Top” design assures that .5 oz bottles aren’t going anywhere. Perfect for keeping Aquel, Royal Gel or Henry’s Sinket ready and available.
Loon Outdoors
Bottoms Up Caddy
This rubber suction cup conveniently keeps 1/2 oz bottles of Loon product with their bottom’s up and ready to use.
Loon Outdoors
Tippet Holder
Convenient design makes tippet organization better than ever. Holds 6 spools and attaches to a pack or vest with a carabiner.
Dan Bailey
Zap a Gap
High grade super glue that bonds in 10 seconds. Great for attaching leaders, braided loops and strengthening knots.
Scientific Anglers
TIE FAST Line Clipper
Every angler needs an awesome pair of nippers. To that end, the Tie-Fast Line Clipper might be the best one around.
Scientific Anglers
TIE FAST Knot Tyer
The Knot Tyer is the single best nail knot tool on the face of the planet.
Small Hand Pump
Top off your boat with this affordable hand pump.
Repair Kit
Includes everything you need to make all types of repairs while on the water. Packed in a handy waterproof pouch.
Loon Outdoors
UV Kit / Mini Lamp-Wader Repair-Knot Sense
Includes UV Mini Lamp, UV Wader Repair and UV Knot Sense.
Loon Outdoors
UV Boat Repair
UV Boat Repair cures in seconds when exposed to direct sunlight or Loon’s UV lamps
Loon Outdoors
Tippet Stack
The most convenient and versatile way to store tippet! Original design allows for either hanging or fastening to a belt, strap or pack, and makes storage and retrieval of tippet simple.
Loon Outdoors
Magnetic Net Release
The magnets have been upgraded to ensure the security of a stored net, and a heavy-duty velcro strap gives anglers the option of securing the net by the hoop, rather than the handle.
Loon Outdoors
Loon Line Up Kit
Best fly line cleaning available, Includes Line Speed and Line Cleaning Tool.
Loon Outdoors
Stanleys Ice-Off Paste
A non-toxic anti-freeze paste for lines and guides to help keep them from freezing
Loon Outdoors
Essentials Kit
Just the essentials, all in one kit..
Loon Outdoors
Dual Zinger
Keep the most important tools close with two 14 inch steel cables. Sturdy pin attachment. Perfect for forceps and nippers.
Loon Outdoors
Deep Soft Weight
Loon Deep Soft Weight, environmentally friendly alternative to split shot and other lead based weight.
Smart Phone Keeper
Stop worrying about losing or breaking expensive smart phones or cameras.
Instrument Tether - Combo Mount
Deluxe Instrument/Gear Tether
Tippet Cord
A tippet spool holder is a tippet spool holder, unless it's from Fishpond.
Swift Current Thermometer
This re-designed thermometer measures water temperature from 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.