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Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Tip
Scientific Anglers
Sonar Sink Tip
So you know where the fish are holding. You’ve done your research. But you just don’t know how deep they are. Luckily, the SONAR Sink Tip fly line offers a variety of solutions for all of your depth-finding needs.
$84.95 $39.95
Tiemco 7999 Hook
Tiemco 7999 Hook, Hook for Steelhead & Salmon Flies, Dry Flies
R.L. Winston
Winston Boron III Two Hand Spey Rod
The Winston Boron II TH Two Handed Rods offer perfect balance and light weight for a variety of casting techniques.
The ultimate shooting head case with tough 6mm storage bags arranged to allow easy viewing and flipping of heads
Book-Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II-Johnson
Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II- Les Johnson, A completely re-written and updated follow-up to Les Johnson’s 1985 classic.