Mini Hippie Stompers Grillos Red #16

Mini Hippie Stompers Grillos Red #16

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"I was never really super happy with the size 16 and 18 Hippie Stompers even though I caught fish with them. I decided the Stubby T hook was perfect if I could get it in smaller sizes, than I could scale the fly down. The Hippie Stomper lends itself to being tied that small, just as long as the hook has the proper gap.

 My good friend’s that own the Driftless Angler in Wisconsin, mega Hippie Stomper country, love and fish a ton of Hippie Stomper’s in smaller sizes, but the hook gap wasn’t quite perfect on it, So I decided to re-work it.

 Little dry flies that can totally take a beating from a ton of different fish."

- Signature Tyer Andrew Grillos