Wynd Tackle

Wynd Tackle Bynder Series 01 Fly Box

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Keep your flies & rigs organized & ready for any presentation

 The Award Winning Wynd Bynder is a dropper rig fly box that is designed simply but is packed with features and functions. This fly box solves a problem that has existed for quite sometime now, the storage and securing of dropper rigs in a protective manner. The modular center Rig Card allows for easy wynding and securing of flies that are rigged with tippet. Now a fly angler has a box to pack full of flies along with dry droppers and double nymph rigs that will be protected and secured. Tangle-free is the way to be! ​

  • Store 176 flies
  • Store 9 dropper rig setups
  • Modular Rig Card
  • Latches open and closed
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile