Mako 9700B Large Fly Reel Digi Camo Grey Left Hand

Mako 9700B Large Fly Reel Digi Camo Grey Left Hand

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The Mako Reel 9700B (Bluewater Reel) is a whopping 5 ½” diameter designed to provide maximum retrieve rates on the largest big game. 

  • Our reels are fully sealed with o-rings, and proprietary carbon impregnated Teflon lip seals.
  • We incorporate a multidisc full-contact carbon-fiber drag system that uses “button technology” to eliminate start-up friction.
  • We utilize oversized calibrated drag knobs with one turn stop, to stop providing the full range of drag.
  • We employ a “taper lock” quick-change spool and a three-ball bearing spindle assembly.
  • Our reels are produced to the highest machining standards and level of polish
  • Type III anodizing which, gives them a near ceramic hardness to survive the elements.
  • All these qualities are amongst other features.

Bluewater Reel
5.5 inch diameter
16.75 ounces

Approximate backing: 400+ yards/meters of 100 lbs hollow core braid + WF Fly Line