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Abel Super Series Reel Review

2017 Abel Super Series Reel Review

Few reels can do it all. Since 1999, the Abel Super Series has been one of those reels capable of fishing for any fish in any environment. It’s truly an all-around fly fishing reel. The Abel Super Series has been revamped for 2017, but a few things have and probably will never change about it:

  1. The super-smooth, infinitely adjustable cork drag system that will out last any other reel on the market if cared for properly.
  2. A super strong, machined frame made of 6061-T651 cold finished Aerospace grade aluminum & large arbor spool for unmatched line retrieval speed.
  3. Extremely appealing and unique design options.


This year, Abel has redesigned the Super Series reel with an all new line of light weight sizes that feature a quick change spool system achieved by eliminating the previously removable locknut and drag knob. These changes keep the Super Series on the cutting edge of fly fishing reels without compromising the integrity of its classic design.


Going back to the drag system, Abel saw no reason to change it. It works on creeks for small trout and light tippet, and is completely capable of slowing down a big tuna in the middle of the ocean. Wash it or lube it up occasionally and it is good to go.


Some anglers gawk when they see the price tag on an Abel reel. We get it, they aren’t cheap. But without a doubt, there is a level of quality in every Abel reel that is hard to find anywhere else in fly fishing. All you need to do is pick one up to know what its worth. The standard black color is their base model in the Super Series. The reel is also available in various other colors with a gloss or satin finish. From there you have the paint options of one of Abel’s signature designs or something from their Artist Series. The color and design options are seemingly endless.


Looking good isn’t all you get with an Abel Super Series though. The reel is so smooth in every way that it makes fishing quite pleasurable. You can practically hear and feel the quality craftsmanship in the reel when retrieving line or playing a fish. It’s not made in Asia and contains no plastic parts. It is a work of art quite frankly. At the end of the day, it’s a reel you can be proud of and a reel you can confidently pass down to the next generation.


Click here more information on the Abel Super Series.

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