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Vintage Fly Gear- Rod & Reels

The Madison River Fishing Company has a curated selection of vintage and used gear. We’re passionate about quality vintage fly fishing gear and because of this, we want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with any piece of equipment that comes through our doors. Since the majority of the vintage gear we carry is used, some of these pieces will possess minor blemishes and/or scratches. We have a limited return policy on our used gear so feel free to contact us with any and all questions that you may have regarding an item!

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Saracione Mark IV 2 3/4" Fly Reel
Saracione Mark IV 3" Fly Reel
USED Ross Gunnison G4 Fly Reel w/ Extra Spool
USED Abel 3N-L Black/Gold Reel RH Retrieve
USED SAGE 4210 Reel LH Retrieve
USED Ross Rhythm R3 Reel LH Retrieve