Scott Fly Rods

 Scott Fly Rods
Scott Fly Rods has been handcrafting and tirelessly advancing the performance of freshwater and saltwater fly rods for the last 45 years. As a Scott Fly Rod dealer since we started selling fly tackle 35 years ago, Madison River Fishing Company has seen the progression of Scott rods and fished the different generations along the way.

Scott got its start making fiberglass rods in the 1970s and quickly expanded to lead the way in the graphite rod revolution. They invented the 9-foot 4wt rod and have continued to stand out with superior craftsmanship as we've entered into the modern fly fishing era.

Scott's commitment to perfection is seen in the performance of every single fly rod that they make. On the freshwater side, the Scott Centric leads the pack as a versatile fast action rod that's often the first we pull from the quiver on the wide Montana rivers that we fish. The Flex offers fast action rod at an affordable price point and the G Series is a medium action rod that marries presentation and power in an all new design. In the saltwater realm, look no further than the Scott Sector. This powerhouse of a rod casts tight loops effortlessly and delivers flies with unprecedented accuracy.

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