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Waterworks-Lamson ReelsIn 1996, Waterworks was formed when fishermen who happened to be product designers figured a better way to release a fly-caught fish. At the time, the hemostat wasn't a productive way to release the fish. Their solution was to design a product that would allow fish to be released without handling, and help the fly remain in tact. The result of this conception was the Ketchum Release tool, named after their hometown in Idaho.
In 1998, Waterworks acquired Lamson and, along with Waterworks Force reels, now had two brands sharing the core technology and design ethos of simplicity and function-driven styling. The Waterworks-Lamson lineup has evolved from the traditional freshwater reel into specialized niches over time: two handed, salt water, super-arbor, and rugged environments. For over 20 years, Waterworks-Lamson has pushed the standards of fine reel design within the fly fishing world. Elegant and reliable, MRFC is proud to carry these reels from our neighbors in Idaho.

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