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While there are many fly fishing companies, few are as committed as Sage to the mastery of the sport. Sage Fly Rods are the product of over 40 years of dedicated research and a passion for nothing short of the best. Located on Bainbridge Island, WA, Sage has grown from just six employees and about 1,500 square feet to 175 employees working in a 30,000 square foot space.
At Sage, craftsmanship is the never-ending challenge to get it right. Always experimenting. Always innovating. Always pushing their prototypes beyond the point of breaking until they have finally arrived at a fly fishing tool that meets their exact demands. Attention to detail isn't just a saying at Sage, but a guiding mantra that has led them to be an industry leader for the past 35 years.
Look in any MRFC Guide's boat and you're bound to find a Sage Fly Rod in their quiver. The reliability and innate "fishability" of these fly rods make them a phenomenal choice for any angler, novice or expert.
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