Thomas & Thomas

The Thomas & Thomas story, in many respects, is a direct reflection of nearly a half-century evolution in the fly-fishing industry, a tumultuous yet rewarding era of unprecedented social, cultural and technological change. An era that has seen a scientific and environmental renaissance, an awakening in the appreciation of handcrafted quality and unimaginable adoption of our sport. Established in 1969 by legendary rod builders Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell, company ownership evolved over time.
Over the years the fundamental beliefs, values and singularity of purpose behind Thomas & Thomas were challenged but never abandoned. To this day, this purpose has kept Tom Dorsey creating the unrivaled Thomas & Thomas fly rods. Thomas & Thomas believes in being kind to people, doing what's right vs. what's easy, leaving things better than you found them and trusting the person next to you. They also believe in America, and in American craftsmanship, innovation and quality. It's a big part of who they are and the success they continue to have. It's why they can guarantee every Thomas & Thomas fly rod to be 100% American Made.
Those of us who own Thomas & Thomas fly rods at MRFC are proud to fish these American made works of art. Pick up any rod from the Thomas & Thomas lineup and you'll quickly understand the phrase, "The rod you will eventually own".