Nautilus Reels

Nautilus fly reels are the result of an incessant drive to explore, engineer, reinvent and never stop thinking outside the box. In a market where cork drags were the pinnacle of reel drag performance - a material that the automotive industry stopped using in the 50's for larger but similar applications - the only option was to reinvent. And reinvent they did.
Today, Nautilus' sealed disc brakes continue to set the bar for drag performance and they never tire of engineering outside the box. Nautilus fly reels not only help anglers fight fish better, but also cast better, reel faster, feel better. 
Nautilus fly reels are a time tested product of the Salt that the MRFC team is proud to fish. 

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Nautilus X-Series Reel Key Lime/Red XM
Nautilus X-Series Reel Brushed Titanium
from $324.95
Nautilus CCF-X2 Reel Black
from $494.95
Nautilus NV-G Spools
from $274.95