MAY 2023

UPDATED 5/12/2023

We are getting closer to summer and it is sure starting to feel like it. The weather over the last week has been going up and down, we’ve had warmer days in the upper 60’s with rainy days in the 50’s. The nights have still been chilly, dropping into the mid 30’s. With the warmer weather the river color has switched up a bit. The color has gotten a little brown early in the week, reaching 2100 CFS and now is dropping back down to a greenish color and flowing at 1600 CFS. The fishing is great up river and pretty good down around town. Speaking of town, the town ramp is open!

The warm weather and sunshine has brought more folks into town. Every week has progressively picked up. We are seeing more campers rolling through Ennis and more boats floating towards town. There is still plenty of snow up in Raynolds pass which is giving me high expectations for the water levels this year! We just need to slowly taper into warm weather so the river doesn’t get blown out for weeks on end like last year! Now let's get to talking about fishing.

We have primarily been nymphing them up with a bit of streamer fishing. The water temp is getting up into the high 40’s causing the streamer bite to pick up. Double nymph rigs and single streamers with a bead trailing behind has been my gig. Also, with the warmer water the bugs are starting to show up on the surface - midges, baetis, and your occasional caddis.  If you commit to the dry it will pay off for you! 

This is a great time of year to throw streamers. Play around with your retrieval and see what’s working on that given day. Slow, elongated-strips have brought in a few great fish so far this spring. Get out there and have some fun - you probably need it after this winter!

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Trevor Sculpin, Sculpinator, Screamer, Dolly Lama, and of course the Sparkle Minnow.

Dry Flies: X-caddis, Parachute Adams, Griffiths Gnat, Peacock Caddis, Parachute BWO.

Nymphs: Rubberlegs, Prince, Micro May, Spanish Bullet, Zebra Midge, Worms, and Eggs.

Rainbow trout are spawning right now so please be mindful of where you're stepping in the river. We're in the midst of our annual Fly SALE. Checkout our SALE flies here for killer deals on your favorite patterns. If you're interested in what the river looks like here in town, give the live cam a gander below!

- MRFC Guide Nicko Opinsky