Maxima Fishing Line

In 1920, at a time when craftsmanship was a matter of pride, Max Gottlieb Meinel established MAXIMA in Markneukirchen, Germany. In the early 1950's, MAXIMA built a new plant in Geretsried for the production of monofilament nylon fishing line.

MAXIMA's state-of-the-art Research & Development and manufacturing facility is nestled in the hills of Bavaria. Using the most advanced technology, MAXIMA manufactures the highest quality fishing line. 

Their dedication to quality, focus on customer satisfaction, exemplary engineering, and continuous product development are the basic elements in every spool of line. 

Today, fishermen in more than 70 countries trust in MAXIMA's premium products.

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Chameleon Tippet Spool
from $3.95
Maxima Ultragreen Mini Pack Tippet Spools
from $10.45
Maxima Fluorocarbon One Shot Spool
from $23.95
Maxima One Shot Tippet Spool