In 1985, Wahoo International began, making composite surfboards and bodyboards. They utilized "unconventional" materials and methods like UV curing resins, composite structures and vacuum bagging techniques. They saw that UV curing was a cleaner technology and was ideal for field repair. They also knew it was better for manufacturing, the environment and the economy but it would be an uphill battle convincing existing manufacturers to change. The first Solarez polyester putty field repair was a smash worldwide. They continued manufacturing a small amount of boards and sought to introduce the techniques to the industry. 
Since the 80's, Solarez has diversified to over 20 formulas, radically improving (and cleaning) the manufacturing of sporting composites, cabinetry, music instruments, fly fishing, jewelry, hobbies and crafts and paving the way of exciting new technologies like 3D Printing.

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Solarez Fly Tie Colors 5g
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Solarez Fly Tie Resin .5oz
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Solarez Fly Tie UV Resin 3 Pack-5g
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Solarez Bone Dry Ultra Thin .5oz
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Solarez UV Resin Roadie 3 Pack Kit
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Solarez High Output UV Flashlight Kit
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Solarez High Output UV Flashlight
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Solarez Syringe-Cap Applicator 2oz Bottle
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