From the mid 1960's until 1989 Henry Hoffman of Warrenton, Oregon devoted his life to producing the best dry fly hackle in the world. His primary motivation was an all-consuming, life-long love of fishing. As an offshoot to this intense interest in fishing Henry also learned to tie flies, often taking apart lost flies he found on the stream bank.
In the 1960's good quality feathers for tying dry flies were nearly impossible to come by, and tiers had to rely on rather poor quality capes imported from India or China - basically just pelted village chickens. Therefore Henry set out in the mid 1960's to find himself some grizzle chickens to raise for his own tying needs and potentially to develop into a marketable genetic hackle line.
Now some 60 years later, Whiting Farms has received several awards over the years as a result of their excellent business standing and contributions to the fly fishing industry. Whiting Farms hackle is some of the most coveted tying material on the market, and the Madison River Fishing Company is proud to be a vendor of this fine brand.