Yakima's story is more of a journey, because they've never been good at sitting still. After all, they don't have wild sides; they have wild souls. For nearly four decades, their trusted solutions have transformed the way people travel. They're leaders in their category, packing heritage, safety, design sensibility, and street smarts into every product. Based in the Pacific Northwest, they have the great outdoors at their doorstep. From valleys and peaks to banks and backlands, the grounds they roam makes them feel at home.
Yakima has a history of making bold moves in the names of new horizons. They started as a small machine shop in their namesake city in Washington state. Then in 1970, Steve Cole and Don Banducci, hardcore kayakers and cyclists, acquired the company. By 1984, they put Yakima on the map at the Summer Olympics, decking out every race vehicle with original aerodynamic fairings. Today, Yakima continues to lead the niche they helped establish so many decades ago - with the same enthusiasm for the widest skies and the open road.

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Yakima Rod Foam Protector Bumper
Yakima DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier
Yakima CoreBar Crossbar Large 70"