April 17,  2019

Upper Madison Boat Ramp/FAS Report

Starting at the top, here is a boat ramp/FAS update. Conditions are changing daily. Please call us at 800-227-7127 for updates. 

  • Raynold’s Pass FAS & Ramp – Boat ramp is still a no go. Be prepared to park off highway and walk down.

  • $3 Bridge – Park at the highway and walk the road into the bridge. 
  • Pine Butte – Good to go!
  • Lyons Bridge – Good to go!

  • Windy Point – Good to go!

  • Palisades – Boat ramp is clear and good to go.

  • Ruby Creek – Good to go!

  • McAtee Bridge – Good to go!

  • Story Ditch – Good to go!

  • Varney Bridge – Good to go!

  • 8 Mile Ford –  Good to go!

  • Burnt Tree Hole – Good to go! Some ice and snow.
  • Ennis FAS – Totally locked up in ice. NO GO.

  • Valley Garden – Getting close. Still have the road closed but shouldn't be closed too much longer. Stayed tuned!

Float and wade fishing have been productive throughout the river. Getting out of the boat and wading will get you into more fish. Nymphing with black and coffee black girdle bugs up top followed by zebra midges, BWO nymphs, red rainbow warriors, worms, red and crystal dips. Midges have been coming off consistently and BWO's are staring to appear more and more. Getting above Lyons Bridge will provide the best opportunity for some dry fly action. Look for the warmer temps starting this weekend into next week to get the fish moving around, chasing streamers, and increased bug activity. Stripping streamers up against the banks in the slack water have produced some nice fish. Smaller streamers have been a better option for this method. Dead drifting the streamers trailing a nymphs through buckets and around big boulders is a good tactic as well.

Good Luck!!

Upper Madison River Flows near Cameron, MT


Upper Madison River Water Temperature At Kirby Ranch


Lower Madison River Flows below Ennis Lake Near Mcallister, MT

Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000 Source


Lower Madison River Water Temperature below Ennis Lake

Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000 Source