Montana Weather

There is an old saying here in Montana that goes, "If you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes." This couldn't be more true for the Madison River and Ennis, Montana weather. Our seasons are very distinct and traditional. Winter is cold and occasionally snowy. Spring and Fall see every condition imaginable and Summer is typically quite warm. With that said, all of us have experienced fishing in t-shirts in February and sitting out a snow storm in July. The best way to deal with the rapidly changing weather is to keep an eye on the forecast, but never trust it. We recommend that anglers are always prepared for any weather condition on any given day. That means carrying a jacket with you on a summer afternoon or dressing in layers in the winter so that you can shed them if it starts to heat up. Here are the current weather conditions in Ennis, Montana. Feel free to contact us for a first hand report as well.

Ennis, MT Weather