Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Grips
Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Grips
Gilman Grips

Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Grips

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Gilman Grips Oar Handles deliver a significant performance advantage over traditional round grips, which unintentionally spin in your hand. We accomplish this by utilizing the most ergonomic shape and by providing your hand with twice the surface area, where you need it most. Our design requires a fraction of the hand strength required to hang onto and properly control a traditional oar grip—resulting in less shoulder, wrist, and hand fatigue so that you can enjoy more glorious days on the river.

Why Counterbalance Weights? 

Balance is important everywhere in life, and rowing is no different.

With balance, every stroke will be stronger and faster. Proper balance equals finesse and accuracy. With your oars properly balanced, you can row more river miles every day. You'll feel better, row stronger and have less fatigue at the end of the day.

Balance can be achieved through your boat’s geometry or through adding counter balance to the grip of the oar. In a perfect world we would all achieve balance through geometry. However, if you're like me and cannot achieve the proper balance through geometry then our counter balanced option is definitely for you. Our counter balance grips weigh in at 2 lbs 10 ounces each side, making Gilman Grips the perfect weight for most boats.

If you find you need a different weight to find your own balance on the river we're here to help. Just drop us a line and we can assist you in achieving the perfect balance for your Gilman Grip oar handles.

For balance off your boat we recommend spending more glorious days on the river.
  • Dual durometer grip with a glass filled Polypropylene under mold and a high grade TPE overmold
  • TPE gasket to keep water out of the oar shaft
  • Insert molded a10mm grade 12.9 bolt into the Polypropylene undermold for added weight and strength
  • Bi-directional groves in the cylinder for better adhesion to the oar shaft
  • Internal counter balance option that will come in at just under 3 LBS each
  • Clocking/indexing marks for fine tuning the installation for your rowing style
  • Right and left handed marks on each grip for easy identification
  • Gilman Grips logos in two locations
  • Texture surface of the TPE for a no slip high performance feel
  • Two material two color grip for style and performance.