SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing Dispensers

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SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing Dispensers, These dubbing blends designed by legendary fly tier, Dave Whitlock are the perfect colors for tying his original, world famous fly patterns.
Original SLF is the ultimate seal substitute and mixing with natural fur offers exceptional flash and lifelike appearance.
These wonderful, custom blends are available in two assortments.

Dispenser SLF1 colors: RFS nymph thorax, RFS nymph abdomen, Sow Bug gray, Sow Bug tan, Scud shrimp gray, Scud shrimp olive, Scud shrimp tan, Scud shrimp orange pink, Dragon Fly Olive, Dragon dark nymph, Damsel nymph olive, Damsel nymph tan.

Dispenser #2 Colors, Golden Stone Nymph, Brown Stone Nymph. Dark Stone Nymph, Hellgrammite, Nearnuff Sculpin - Olive, Nearnuff Sculpin, Golden Brown,  Nearnuff Crayfish, Brown, Nearnuff Crayfish, Sandy Gray,  Nearnuff Crayfish, Orange, Minnow Belly, Stonefly Nymph Gills, Minnow Gills.