R.L. Winston Troutgaiter Bauer Bluewater

R.L. Winston Troutgaiter Bauer Bluewater

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These five beautiful new neck gaiter designs follow a uniquely trout-themed approach.

Most of these new TROUTGAITERS incorporate the spectacular trout paintings of celebrated artist James Prosek. James donated the use of his artwork, and together with Winston and Bauer, we donated to Trout Unlimited in Montana to help with TU’s important cold water conservation efforts.

Utilizing a soft, comfortable, and technical polyester material, our new trout gaiters can be used in over 16 different ways, including face covers, scarves, and hairbands, just to name a few.

TROUTGAITERSTM, like many neck gaiters, are not intended to replace medical grade respirator masks to prevent the transmission of illnesses.