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Chocklett's Bugger Game Changer - Brown - #6

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Blane Chocklett is one of the hottest tyers in the game. His revolutionary Game Changer platform is rocking the world of fly fishing across the globe. Now available in mid to small sized patterns, these flies have evolved into trout sizes, and many other freshwater species, as well. The Bugger Changer come equipped with dumbbell lead eyes for a jigging effect when stripped, and makes it versatile enough to fish on floating or sinking lines. The barred rubber legs give it a lateral line and breaks up the profile. The Bugger Changer rides hook point up to slide along the bottom without snagging. Tied on the Micro Fish Spine system from Flymen, the Bugger Changer is single hooked up front with 5 segmented articulation. A hybrid feather and synthetic body makes this fly amazingly realistic to your target predator. Easy casting even on 4 and 5 weight rods.