FlyMen Fly Tying Kit - Fish-Skull Skulpin Bunny

FlyMen Fly Tying Kit - Fish-Skull Skulpin Bunny

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The ultimate go-to trout and bass pattern with irresistible natural movement

Everything you need to tie 6 Fish-Skull Skulpin Bunny flies

International Fly Tackle Dealer Show 2012 Best of Show Award – Freshwater Fly Pattern

The Skulpin Bunny has proven itself on rivers worldwide as a fish magnet. Designed to be fished on the river bottom, the Skulpin Bunny can be dead-drifted or slowly stripped to imitate a sculpin and swims in the hook-up position to avoid snagging.

This Fly Tying Kit contains everything you need to tie 6 Skulpin Bunny flies, including step-by-step tying instructions, to make it easy for you to get your hands on the various needed fly tying materials all in one place.