CF Burkheimer Deep Action Load (DAL) Trout Vintage Fly Rod

CF Burkheimer Deep Action Load (DAL) Trout Vintage Fly Rod

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CF Burkheimer trout rods have been quietly taking over the quality trout waters the world over. Find an angler that quietly goes about his business, casts a beautiful line with accuracy and precision and has a grin on his face that stretches ear to ear, more than likely you'll find a Burkie in their hand.  

The DAL rods have become quite popular. Their deeper loading feel should not be confused with slow, loose or hard to manage actions. Our DAL’s offers a ton of feel (feedback), superior light tippet protection, while delivery trout food on target with minimal effort.

The Deep Action Load (DAL) series of rods were designed for angler’s who prefer a more relaxed and refined actions, and that love the feel and feedback of a fly rod as it loads deep and unloads quickly and predictably. These rods offer full deep flexing qualities and a fast recovery cycle. You want a gentle presentation while protecting light tippets with a #20 Midge or a #16 PMD ? This rod series will do it. How about deep nymphing with a stonefly or ripping a streamer through a log jam? These rods will do that too. DAL’s are highly versatile with a forgiving flex that still provides superior performance. Designed for fishing, not the parking lot shoot out, but if you know how to treat’m they’ll win those too!

Reel Seat: Smoked Nickel w/California Buckeye
Guides: Smoked Titanium Nitrate Strippers and snakes
Blank Color: Translucent black
Winding Check: Cork wrap
Cork Inlay: Five layer / Single Inlay
Handle: Mod. Western Cigar X-Flor grade cork