C.F. Burkheimer Trout Vintage Blank

C.F. Burkheimer Trout Vintage Blank

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Black Trout Vintage Blank

Trout fishing is much more than just a 9-foot, five-weight game. You want to throw big streamers? That’s a 695-4. Midges in a back eddy? Look to a 389-4. There are a host of presentation situations out there, from small spring creeks to big western rivers.

Burkheimer's got a rod for them all.

Their trout rods are light in the hand, but heavy in performance. If they don’t cast 80 feet with good turnover right after dropping a fly on a quarter at 25, they’re not Burkheimers. They build rods that you’ll love to fish with, because you deserve it and the trout deserve it.

While their trout rods contain plenty of technology, they don’t use buzz-word marketing lingo to describe tapers or models. That’s not the Burkheimer way. Instead, Burkheimer prefers to focus on building exceptional fly rods—fly rods with that Burkie feel.