Cortland Streamer Sink Tip 10 T3 Fly Line

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WATER: Freshwater
DENSITY: Sinking / Floating 
TAPER: Weight Forward 
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament

  • 10ft Type 3 Sink tip 
  • Easily Casts Large Flies
  • Floating Running Line 

The Streamer Series Streamer Sink Tip 10 T3 is designed for targeting trout in shallow creeks and rivers. Built with an aggressive short taper design that features a 10ft Type 3 sink tip (3-4 inches per second). The over-weighted head loads rods quick and easily casts all streamer patterns. 

SPECIES: Trout, Grayling, Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, Pike