FlyMen Big Game Brush Fly Purple & Black #6/0

FlyMen Big Game Brush Fly Purple & Black #6/0

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Your new weapon for landing formidable big game fish worldwide.  

Originally crafted as a Seychelles GT (Giant Trevally) fly pattern, it has evolved in recent years to become a top choice for serious anglers targeting trophy fish in diverse destinations across the globe.

The Big Game Brush Fly ensures your success whether you're battling in saltwater tropical hotspots with giants such as Giant Trevally, Roosters, Barracudas, or tangling with Bull Redfish or Striped Bass in your USA home waters. You can also rely on it when taking on top-of-the-food-chain jungle predators like Peacock Bass and Golden Dorado, or large Northern Pike in colder climates.

With its distinctive rounded head and oversized eyes, this fly mimics a baitfish in distress, enticing even the most discerning predators. Tied with premium saddle hackle feathers, flash-highlighted synthetic brushes, and featuring oversized Fish-Skull Living Eyes, each fly is crafted for maximum effectiveness.

Mounted on the renowned Konah BGH hook, the Big Game Brush Fly is built to endure the relentless power of large species. Available in two sizes and a range of colors, it excels in various fishing scenarios worldwide.

Elevate your game and dominate the waters with the Big Game Brush Fly – where innovation meets performance.