Fly Assortment - Caribbean Super Slam

Fly Assortment - Caribbean Super Slam

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Introducing the Super Slam Caribbean Fly Assortment!

Take the right flies! Eliminate the guesswork and make it easy to prepare for your trip.

The Super Slam Fly Assortment is a comprehensive fly selection for destinations across the Caribbean - from Belize to the Bahamas. 

The assortment contains 30 highly effective Flymen patterns that you have come to trust and includes all the flies needed to target the following species: Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook and others.

Bonefish Flies: Alphlexo Crab - Tan #8 (x2), Clear #8 (x2), Foxy Shrimp #4 (x2), Shrimp Tail Gotcha - Pearl #8 (x2), Shrimp Tail Gotcha - Pearl #4 (x2), Micro Changer - Tan (x1), White (x1) & Shad (x1)

Tarpon Flies: Feather Changer - Large Single Hook - Pink (x1), Black/Purple (x1), Feather Changer - Small - White (x1), Black/Purple (x1),

Permit Flies: Alphlexo Crab - Clear #2 (x2), Tan #2 (x2) & Clear w/ Hot Spot #6 (x2)

Snook Flies: Feather Changer - Small - White (x1), Black/Purple (x1), Finesse Changer - Chartreuse (x1), Shad (x1), Black/Purple (x1) & Double Barrel Baitfish Popper - White 3/0 (x2)