Fly Assortment - Minnow Changer #2/0

Fly Assortment - Minnow Changer #2/0

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We had a few spare fly boxes and put together some Finesse Changer Assortments, one of each color and a quality slit-foam fly box you can add to your fleet.

The Next Minnow Changer - 2/0 has a typical average baitfish length of 3.5" (9cm), consists of 7 Articulated Fish-Spine segments and is available in 9 color variations allowing you to “match the hatch” for success in different fisheries and target species. The fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic “Finesse” material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

What's included in this fly box assortment:

Finesse Changer - Fire Tiger

Finesse Changer - Purple & Black

Finesse Changer - Rainbow Trout

Finesse Changer - Brown Trout

Finesse Changer - Shad

Finesse Changer - White

Finesse Changer - Chartreuse

Finesse Changer - Tan

Finesse Changer - Tan & Olive