Outcast PAC 9000 Quad Pontoon Boat

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Outcast PAC 9000 Quad Pontoon Boat, OutCast`s Top-of-the-Line pontoon craft! This spectacular 4 pontoon "Quad" craft has four 8' x 10" pontoons that keep you riding high even in 3 inches of water, about half the draft of a dual pontoon craft. Features 1500 PVC thermal welded seam construction, 4 piece aluminum frame, 400 lbs. load capacity, extra large cargo deck, a terrific anchor system, 4 Leafield valves, brass open oar locks, 7' 2 piece oars and 1 gear and 1 cargo pocket. The Quad pontoon design offers great maneuverability and speed and performs better in windy conditions. Made in the U.S. A spectacular craft! 10 year warranty.