Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel
Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel
Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel
Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel
Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel

Tibor RipTide (9-10-11 wt) Reel

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The Tibor series of reels were first introduced in 1995 and have established themselves as the benchmark for custom-crafted fly reels. After years of development and input from the likes of Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot, Ted was finally satisfied with a reel that truly has set a new standard in fly fishing reel technology.

The spool’s large arbor design significantly enhances the rate of line retrieval which is critical when you’re trying to control speedsters like bonefish, bonito, or wahoo. Tibor Reels are also a mainstay for Spey enthusiasts, delivering the ultimate balance, overall capacity and drag performance for the double-handed rod.

As with all of Ted’s reels, the drag system is absolutely flawless and has withstood the test of the world’s most demanding game fish, including over 350 World Records so far. If you were to own only one fly reel, this is the one to have.


  • Large outer hub diameters offer quick retrieve, even when the backing is low.
  • Hard coated, aluminum Main Gear means minimal heat build-up and great strength. Both the Main Gear and Spool rotate flawlessly on three sealed precision, ceramic Ball Bearings
  • An impregnated Cork Drag Disc is the smoothest and strongest in the industry.
  • Open hubbed, perforated Spool and Drum allow the Reel to remain cool during scorching runs and outer holes act as a tippet keeper.
  • The Detended Drag Adjustment Knob is smooth and positive.
  • Triple outgoing line signals are easily removable for silent operation.
  • Lightweight to balance with modern fly rods and reduce casting fatigue.
  • Made from solid bar stock aluminum.
  • Delrin handle offers positive gripping and quick release – The Gulfstream and Pacific come standard with our Gorilla Handle.
  • Comes with an extra thick neoprene case for easy storage and transportation.
  • Each reel is serialized for identification and protection. The serial # is located at the top of the frame by the reel stand.
  • Available in 4 sizes.
  • Made and assembled in the U.S.A.








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7-8-9 wt.

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9-10-11 wt.

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11-12-13 wt.

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10-11-12 wt.

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