Korkers Terror Ridge Boot Review

The new Korkers Terror Ridge wading boots just arrived at the shop and we're super excited to try these out. These are all new boots for the spring of 2020 and are one of the more attractive pairs of Korkers boots we've seen. 

Main Features of the Terror Ridge

The Terror Ridge boot has the same OmniTrax sole system that we've come to expect from Korkers boots. You get a felt sole and a rubber sole with the boot. Having the different sole options is one of the major advantages going for the Korkers brand; basically two boots (or one multi-purpose) for the price of one. 

The other soles (not included) give you different options for many different river bottoms. You can easily switch to rubber if you're headed inside of Yellowstone or add more traction for a slick rock bottom. My favorite: the AlumaTrax soles. They resemble Patagonia Foot Tractors and add a bit of weight with heavy duty traction. Check out all of your OmniTrax sole options here.

This boot is made out of hydrophobic material. It's super water resistant, won't become water-logged, and quick drying. This material also helps reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species by reducing the possibility of them attaching to your boot and going on a ride to the next river you fish.

Terror Ridge Boot

It feels super durable and well built, has a reinforced toe and heel, and the sides are protected in the places you'll get the brunt of scrapes and abrasions. The hydrophobic material seems tough enough to last many seasons.

HeelLock System

And lastly, brand new from Korkers is the heel lock closure system. As you're tightening the boot, it locks in your heel and keeps your heel from slipping. This reinforces your ankle support and gives an extra dose of confidence going from rock to rock while wading.

Overall, this is one of the better boots we've seen from Korkers. The look of this one is attractive and feels a lot less clunky while walking around. It ditches the BOA system that some people love and some people hate, opting for a lace up system that works well. The price point is just right for someone looking for a guide quality, attractive, and versatile boot, without stepping up a class to a Simms or Patagonia boot.

Korkers Terror Ridge Wading Boots

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