Simms Flyweight Wading Boot Review

All fly fishing gear evolves. For the wading boot, the new Flyweight boot from Simms is a big leap in setting the standard for lightweight yet durable footwear.

I've worn these boots almost daily the last few months and they've quickly become my first choice for any given day on the river. As a guide, I'm often in waders for 6-10 hours at a time and frequently logging multi-miles days on riverside trails. All-day comfort in my boots is a necessity. Great arch support from the high cushion midsole keeps me standing in them longer. The comfort maintains when hiking; the insole stays supportive but molds to your feet for a subtle supportive feel.

Simms Flyweight Wading Boot

Hiking in the Flyweights

I have hiked many miles in my Flyweight boots and can honestly say that these are the best hiking/wading boots I have worn. This is where the boot truly shows its versatility. The boot is flexible to maintain your natural walking motion and provides strong ankle support when navigating through uneven terrain. These boots are built for the wader/hiker that likes to get out there and access hard to reach spots, but they are a solid choice for any wading angler.

Hiking in the Simms Flyweights

After the hike is over and I'm ready to fish, the boot transitions into a strong wading boot. The sole construction gives you a solid base as you anchor yourself in swift waters and stays light as you traverse to the next hole. I've yet to see any other boot out there that rivals the Flyweight for both versatility and stability.

The Vibram Grip

The Vibram rubber outsole combined with the form-fitting upper design give you the grip you need to wade in rocky and deep water with confidence. Skirting around boulders or jockeying for position midstream, the super grippy sole performs well on slick and mossy rocks.

Simms Flyweight Vibram Sole

Stud-compatible Vibram® Idrogrip rubber outsole on the boot.

These boots also look good. If it wasn't for the Simms logo, they could pass for an oversized hiking boot. You may not get away with wearing these at your cousin's wedding, but these are no clunky-chunky wading boots your father wore.

The only question with these boots is how well they will hold up to prolonged use and abuse. After this summer season, we'll have a better read on that. For under $200, these are the new standard in high quality, top value and lightweight wading boots.

Joe Dilschneider
Trout Stalkers | Madison River Fishing Company
Ennis, Montana


  • MRFC Team

    Al – I’m going on year 2 with my Flyweights and they have stood up well. The eyelets are holding up fine. The area I see the most wear on is the synthetic upper, over time it starts to fray slightly – not enough to affect performance. I suggest storing these boots after use in an area with some airflow so that they can dry between use.

  • Al

    Any updates on their durability? The mesh eyelets concern me.

  • MRFC Team

    Jon – we agree. Lightweight for hiking with enough support to navigate fast moving waters. Our favorite boot this year by far.

  • Jon A Bonynge

    I have to say after 20+ trips of hiking rivers for fall salmon that I will never wear any other boot. These are much closer to a hiking shoe than a boot but have all the support needed without the bulkiness.

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