Simms G4Z Wader Hands On Review

The Best Wader on the Market

Simms' highly touted new G4 series has hit the ground running. They won New Product Showcase awards at IFTD this year in three categories for their G4 Pro Jacket, G4 Pro Boot, and of course the G4Z Stockingfoot wader. Now that the G4Z wader has hit our shelves, we've got our hands on a pair and fished them here on the Madison River.

To start, let's take a look at some of the features that stand out to us and make the new G4Z a step up from last year, and possibly the best wader ever made.

YKK Waterproof Zipper & Pockets

Right out of the gate, let's talk about the zipper. It's equipped with a YKK waterproof zipper, easy up and down movement without sacrificing the waterproofness of the wader. We've got our first and probably our favorite pocket just inside the zipper, next to your upper left chest. This pocket is where we like to put our phone - if somehow your phone gets wet inside there, you probably have a bigger problem on your hands. We have a lot of confidence that this pocket is staying dry on the inside when midstream and toting phones and fobs.

Interior Pocket G4Z Wader

Also, fellas, when nature calls and you're out there fishing on a cold day, taking your waders off is the last thing you want to do. The zipper here is pretty beneficial.

Another feature is the fleece lined hand warmer pockets on the side. A lot of waders have this type of pocket, but it's worth noting the micro fleece inside feels warmer than last year's G4Z and the G3 Guide waders. Really nice to throw in some handwarmers for an all day oven that'll cook your frozen hands back into the nimble knot tying fingers we all know you have.

You also have some additional pockets on the outside for your accessories that you need handy... Flies, some tippet, whatever you want to be handy and within reach at all times.


Another great feature is the Sharkfin for your hemos. Simple and highly effective. It's a fixed point to clip your hemos to so that they won't flop around or get in your line as you're casting. It's a really neat, simple feature that was not on past models.

Sharkfin Buckle G4Z Wader

New Gore-Tex Material

The biggest improvement and change to the new G4Z as well as the regular G4 Pro wader is hands down the new Gore-Tex material. Three layers up top and four layers down low to give you a little more resistance if you're going through some thicker brush. It's a thinner Gore-Tex, but more abrasion and puncture resistant that should lead to many years of waterproof wading. Overall these just feel more comfortable and lightweight with the new material.

Gravel Guards and Molded Stockingfoot

Any wader worth its salt should have gravel guards, and the G4Z of course is equipped with guards. You don't want gravel on your shoes, that's for sure. The thing that sticks out here is the new ergonomic design of the stockingfoot. They're designed to keep your stocking straight up and down in your wader, and not turning inside wet boots. The ridges hold your feet in place and make it more comfortable where the seams are sitting on your feet, where they are intended to sit.

Compression Molded Stockingfoot G4Z

Wrap Up

The new G4Z picks up where its older past self left off, and then some. The new Gore-Tex material is crazy, crazy good. It's loaded with features, but still feels minimalistic. From a team of anglers who fish daily, this is what we'll be wearing on the river and lakes here in the Madison Valley and beyond.

If you're a hardcore angler or simply want the best, this should be your top choice. 

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