'All The Leaves Are Brown'


September 24, 2020

Summer is headed out and along with it goes some of the more predictable dry fly fishing. We are in a transitional period. There are likely to still be some good hopper days here on the Upper Madison, but they will probably be mixed in with some tough/long dry spells while looking for the dry bite. On the warmer days, don’t be scared to break out the hopper and give it a shot, (with the highest chance of success in the middle of the day) but be prepared to go sub-surface if you’re looking for the day’s most effective method. 

We have found success on streamers in the last few weeks, but high number days are still tough to find. But if one sticks with it, you’re definitely in the game to potentially hook up on a big fish. Classic Wooly Buggers and small sculpin patterns such as the Mini-Loop or Sculpzillas are a safe bet. As it often is here on the Madison, some of your higher number days are likely to come from nymphing.

 Most commonly we are still running two nymphs under a bobber, (3x to top  fly/4x to bottom fly.) Stonefly patterns such as a smaller Rubberleg, (#8/#10) or a 20-Incher (#10/#12) are good choices for your top fly. For your bottom fly, #14- #18 attractor patterns like a Prince, Hares Ear, or Pheasant Tail should find a place in your box, but other flies such as small Perdigons and Frenchies have likewise been very effective.

Be willing to adapt and make changes to find the pattern of the day and your chances for success are still high. One thing is for sure, it’s hard to beat Fall weather and you can’t catch them sitting at the house.

Come see us at the shop for additional information and any and all gear you might need on the river, Tight lines!