Fish On In December

December 15, 2020 - 

It's mid December and although the days are very short, the weather has been unseasonably mild for the past few weeks and the fishing is HOT. While we’re waiting for ski season to get in gear, might as well fish! Prime fishing hours are from about 1 to 4pm.

Naturally nymphing has been the most productive tactic. Either under an indicator in the traditional new western style, or using the Euro Czech Nymph style. Just target the deeper and slower buckets and holes.

Small dark Perdigon nymphs in size #14 and #16 with 2.4 and 2.8mm Tungsten beads have been very productive. We have also had success with our old friend, the #6 Black Turd. Generally, the higher up the Madison you go, the smaller the flies need to be. When fishing around Reynold’s Pass and $3 Bridge, small midge patterns will be more productive than the larger mayfly and stonefly patterns.

Stealth is important as always. Approach slowly and keep a low profile. This may be one of several reasons that Czech Nymphing is so effective. You are not plopping a bobber down on the fish and often very little, or no fly line either. You can get the flies into the strike zone with much less unnatural surface disturbance that can spook fish.

Winter is a wonderful time to fly fish for Trout in many parts of the Mountain West. Plenty of solitude and peaceful natural beauty. You just gotta have the right clothes, and the right attitude!

Come see us at the shop for additional information and any and all gear you might need on the river, Tight lines!