Fly Fishing Remains Strong Through October

OCTOBER 16TH, 2020

Fall is upon us here in the Madison valley. Over the past few days, we have been experiencing some high winds coming out of the south and much cooler temperatures. The wind has been keeping some people off the river but the guys that have been braving the weather have been picking up some nice fish on streamers and nymphs. Buggers and sculpin imitations have been very productive in the shallow water right of the banks and gravel bars. No need to work the streamers fast as most fish are taking them on the dead drift or slow strip. The weather forecast is looking better over the next few days so expect the fishing to remain strong.

Nymphing still remains the most productive technique. Smaller Pat’s Rubber Legs stonefly nymphs in sizes #8 and #10 in both black and black/brown have been working well. Jig Frenchies, Lightning Bugs, Perdigons and Three Dollar Dips have all been great options for trailer flies behind the stonefly. The whitefish are spawning as well so small egg patterns will work as well.

The dry fly bite is happening intermittently in the upper reaches of the river. If you are looking to catch a few fish on top, throw small size #18 and #20 BWO or Parachute Adams and target the slack water off the banks and behind the rocks. The area above West Fork is your best bet.