January 2021

Updated 1/25/2021 - Fishing continues to be pretty decent with the unseasonable weather we’re having here in the Madison Valley. We’ve had warm temps with little wind the last couple of days. Granted that we are looking at a very low snowpack, Madison Range is at 71% of normal, it’s nice to have a mild January every now and then. But we are verging on a low water year if we don’t get some snow so let's hope La Niña finally kicks in. Pray for snow!

Fishing is going to be a nymph game out there, aka small ball. The Euro Nymph game is prime time this time of year on the Madison. We’ve seen a great deal of anglers take to the Euro Nymphing simply because it produces fish and the way the Madison River flows, especially up river or in the Bear Trap with the pocket water and rocks, Euro Style Nymphing is the new boss for winter fishing.

Flies this time of year can vary but most are going to be small, #16-#20. The usual suspects are always a good idea, Zebra Midge, $3 Dip, Serendipity and the Ray Charles, you know the usuals. If you’re looking for something new to throw take a gander at the Perdigon fly patterns, the French Dips, Hodek T-Jig BH Euro Trashand TBH Jigged Zebra Midge Silver Red to name just a few of the many Perdigon Nymph fly patterns.

Personally for me winter fishing is a chance to get outside, enjoy the beauty of winter next to the river and to scratch that itch of feeling the tug at the end of the line that we’ve all missed the last few cold months as Old Man Winter really starts to get comfortable.

- MRFC Guide Nick Peterson