Fall BWOs and Streamers on The Madison

October Fishing Report

October 24th, 2019 -

Fall is here and tactics have certainly changed. But good fishing days on the Madison are still to be had. There is still some dry action if you find yourself amongst a BWO hatch. But more consistent action is likely to come from nymphing. Whitefish are spawning so an egg is a good choice for a dropper. Attractor patterns have continued to work as well, (#14/#16) such as a jig prince, jig pheasant tail or a classic copper john. These flies dropped behind a stonefly/ rubber leg pattern is definitely a go to rig.. And per usual, fish are eating worms, so don’t be afraid to tie on a worm. For those pickier fish,  #18/#20 nymphs such as micromays, split-case BWOs or a zebra midges are also productive. Using 3x to your bigger/front fly is our recommendation and 4x to the smaller/dropper fly.

We have yet to see fish on redds, but we expect this to be happening anytime now. So watch your step and think twice before targeting that big brown that’s trying to put some more browns in the river. Streamer fishing has proved very productive in the last couple of weeks and is certainly the way to go if you’re really looking for “the one.” The river is still in great shape and there’s plenty of fat trout good and bulked up from hopper season. So come enjoy some fall fishing here with us on the Madison and stop in for any gear or stories about the fish we have caught the last few days.

Tight lines!

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