Made in Montana: R.L. Winston Rods

"Winston is an authentically Montana company. Not only do we fly fish, but we do just about anything in the outdoors. One of the most important things for us is that these rods are made in Montana. Tom Morgan and Glen Brackett moved Winston to Twin Bridges from San Francisco because there's great fishing here in this area. The products that we make are really the products of the environment that we live in and come from what we love to do and our passions.

When you come to our production facility and see our workers, they work hard, they do amazing work, they love the outdoors and they love to fish. Our rods wouldn't be what they are without the people behind them."

- Adam Hutchison
R.L. Winston Rod Company
Sales and Marketing Manager

Madison River Fishing Company has been a proud Winston dealer since our beginning over 30 years ago. It's one of our best brands in terms of quality, and we also love Winston because they're based right here in Madison County. 

R.L. Winston fly rods have a unique look about them. The green blank is distinctly Winston and the quality of the components they use and the craftsmanship is bar none. They're absolutely aesthetically beautiful fly rods, but they're also they're also excellent fishing tools.

A Winston rod is an heirloom piece of equipment. Many of the things we buy in the world today ultimately are going into the dumpster, but fine fly rods are something that you will pass on to your kids or grandkids and on down the line.

When you buy a Winston fly rod from us you have the comfort of knowing it's backed not only by Winston, but by us. We can help you if you ever need assistance in dealing with repair or a minor repair, and you'll be proud to know that you own one of the finest handmade fly rods that money can buy.

R.L. Winston Fly Rods

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