Rod Building 101 - From Start To Finish

In this 5 part video series we'll show you everything you need to know to begin building out a fly rod. From beginners to avid fly fisherman, if you're looking to build your own fly rod, then we've laid out the process and made it easy for you. Follow along with us at as John shows you how to build a fly rod. has all the products you'll need so visit us to stock up and get ready to build a fly rod.

Part 1 -  Tools & Set Up


Part 2 - The Rod Basics


Part 3 - Cork & Reel Seat


Part 4 - Guide Placement & Wrapping


Part 5 - Flex Coat Finish

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  • Fred E. Swaney

    Very nice and helpful for someone who wants to get started. Thamk you, Fred

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