We're only a week out from the launch of SAGE's highly anticipated flagship rod, the R8, and the excitement is becoming undeniable. Faint whispers have been heard over the last year that SAGE has been cooking up something mightily special for anglers worldwide. Now it seems those whispers have come to fruition. Enter the SAGE R8. In the words of SAGE themselves, “The advanced, leading-edge material behind R8 enables us to shape a rod with a stiffer, stronger backbone but a more sensitive tip and more connected feel.”. The flex point of the R8 is significantly different than it's predecessor, the SAGE X. The sweet spot of this energy transfer occurs closer to the handle which is notably different than traditional fast action rods.
A common complaint that we hear in the fly shop is that SAGE rods are difficult to master for both novice and intermediate casters alike. This feedback was taken seriously by the folks at SAGE, and casting the R8 was proof of that. The SAGE R8 is not a rod designed to win casting competitions, quite frankly it is the antithesis of that. With the angler in mind, the SAGE R8 was designed purely for the sake of fishing. 
The SAGE R8 will be available in the following models:
  • 390-4
  • 486-4
  • 490-4
  • 4100-4
  • 586-4
  • 590-4
  • 596-4
  • 5100-4FB
  • 690-4
  • 690-4FB
  • 696-4FB
  • 6100-4FB
  • 790-4
  • 796-4
  • 7100-4
  • 890-4
  • 896-4
  • 8110-4
  • 990-4
Arriving to the Madison River Fishing Company on April 5th.

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  • Don Gable

    Great info on the Sage R8 Core. Definitely on my short list.

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