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Scott Fly Rods has been one of the marquee names in fly fishing for well over 40 years. The company was founded in the early '70s and first started crafting rods in the age of fiberglass. Scott was one of the first companies to jump on the graphite rod train, inventing the nine-foot four-weight which is pretty ubiquitous today. Madison River Fishing Company has been proud to be a Scott dealer since our beginning 35 years ago. This year we've got a full lineup of Scott rods.

F Series & G Series

Starting with the F Series fiberglass rod. They say glass rods are not dead and that runs true with this beautiful fiberglass rod. Next in their lineup is the G Series, which was rooted in their original graphite fly rod that they introduced in the 1970s. This is the all-new medium action G Series that's been updated with modern technology.


Next in their lineup is the Scott Flex. The Flex is a fast action freshwater rod that comes in at a price point of $475. All the quality and craftsmanship that you'd expect from Scott at a pretty good price.


The Radian. If you know any rod from Scott by name, there's a good chance it's the Radian. It's one of our favorite fast-action freshwater rods here on the Madison. Outstanding rod for fishing the waters here and the type of fishing that we're doing from a drift boat and wading. It's a stalwart and probably one of the greatest freshwater fly rods ever made.


As we step into the salt realm, Scott begins with the Tidal. The Tidal is a fast action saltwater rod that comes in at a price point of $495. Like the Flex, you get a high quality, well-made rod at a really nice price point.


New for this year, Scott introduced the Sector to replace the Meridian. The Sector won all kinds of awards at the IFTD Show this year in Denver. The field reports coming back from the Sector are excellent; it's a beautiful casting, fishing, and fish fighting rod. Scott is super proud of it and we're super excited about it.

A couple of the features of the Sector: recoil stripping guides and snake guides in no reflection titanium nickel. Full-wells, high-grade flor cork grip. Line weight identifier on the aircraft-grade aluminum reel seat.

The Sector comes in a wide variety of configurations, line weights, and links. It's made to fish everything from small redfish, bonefish, sea trout on up to a permit, tarpon, GTs, and even your big blue water fish. 

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    Thank you for the clear breakdown of each Scott model. Considering a purchase. Information as helpful.

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