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Hoot-Owl Howlin By My Window Now

JULY 2024

UPDATED 7/11/2024

We're in the heart of summer in the Madison Valley. July’s been offering us tons of great fun and scorching temperatures. The river is sitting at 1,290 CFS at Kirby and 1,570 CFS at Cameron. Heat levels have been hanging around 90-95 degrees during the peak of the day. With the high water temperatures, Montana FWP has placed a “Hoot Owl” restriction on the lower Madison from Warm Springs FAS to the confluence of the Jefferson. Hoot owl restrictions are also in effect for the Madison River Hebgen reservoir to Yellowstone National Park Boundary. As of today, there is a hoot owl restriction from Ennis Fishing Access Site to Ennis Lake. Despite these restrictions, the river remains in great fishing conditions with fish being caught throughout our whole system.

Tons of different patterns are starting to show high productivity from the top of the surface right down to the bottom. I’ve been fishing a lot with jig lightning bugs, silver spankers, Elk hair caddis and split back pmd nymphs. Don’t be afraid to throw on a dry fly with all the fish still looking up. 

As always our shop in downtown Ennis is stocked to the brim with flies so don't be afraid to swing by and check them out for yourself. Also feel free to swing by the shop for a more in-depth and up to date fishing report or general fishing advice. Just a reminder as well it is now barbless hooks only from Varney bridge to the Lake so pinch those barbs. Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and be safe out there!

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Dolly Lama, Lil Kim, Screamer, Trevor, Dungeons, Peanut Envy, Sir Sticks A Lot.

Dry Flies: Hi Tie Sally, Rio Emma Stone Sally, Delektable Walker Walker Golden.

Nymphs: Yellow Spots, Tung Split Case PMD, Jig Formerly Known as Prince, #4 Rubber Leg Black, #16 Gold Lightning Bug, Chartreuse French Dip, CDC Hustler.

- MRFC Guide Julio Mateo

Upper Madison River Flows near Cameron, MT



Summer Fishing

Salmonflies, Goldenstones, Yellow Sallys... Does it get any better than summer in Ennis, Montana?


Purple Haze #12-16
Chubby Chernobyl #6-12
Stimulator #10-16
Royal Trude #12-16
Elk Hair Caddis #12-18
Blue Wing Olive #16-22
Pale Morning Dun #12-16
Griffiths Gnat #18-24
Morrish Hopper #6-12
Turk's Power Ant #12-14

Chubby's #8-12
Yeager's Ant #14-16
Dorman's Water Walker #6-12 
Mini Water Walkers # 14-16 
Chubbyness #14-16 
Hopper Stone #8-10
Henry's Fork Stone #4-10 



BH Pheasant Tail #12-22
BH Hare's Ear #10-20
BH Prince Nymph #12-16
Pat's Rubber Legs #4-14
Serendipity #12-18
Psycho Prince #10-16
San Juan Worms #6-12

Jig Flash Back Pheasant Tail #12-16
Jig Prince #12-16
3 Dollar Dips #16-18
Deleckta Mega Prince #6-10
Deleckta Lil-Spanker #12-16
CDC Baetis Emerger #16-18



Wooly Buggers #2-10 black, brown, olive
Zonker #2-6 Natural 
Sculpzilla #4-6
Trevor's Sculpin #4
Double Bunny #2-6

Silver Bullet #6
Sparkle Minnow #6
Barley Legal #6
Mini Loop Sculpin #6