The Stoke is High! Mid-Summer Fishing Report

Madison River Fishing Report July

July 11th, 2019 -

After a hectic 4th of July week on the Madison River we are now in the midst of the famous salmonfly hatch! Traffic has slowed down a bit but the salmonflies are still swarming. We are nearing the end of the hatch this week as they have moved all the way up-river to the walk and wade section. The best section of river to see the most bugs this week will be around 3 Dollar and Raynolds Bridge fishing access.

As spectacular as it is to see a massive brown trout slam your 3 inch dry off the top, the rest of the river has been fishing very well. We've seen some golden stones downriver from the salmonfly hatch by Story Ditch and Varney Bridge. There are also a tremendous number of caddis, yellow sallies, and PMD mayflies coming off throughout the Upper Madison. Fishing these smaller dries has been productive and is a good option while wading or getting out of the boat to target a rising fish. 

Even though 4th of July week has passed the river is still getting an abundance of pressure. Most anglers on the river are seizing the opportunity and fishing dries, but it’s always a good option to mix up what you’re throwing. The streamer bite has been a good way to move some of the bigger fish; especially in seams and pockets in the middle of the river that don't see as many flies. The same goes for nymphing, try to put your rig in good looking water that might get overlooked by dry fly anglers. As far as streamers go, white and more natural colors are moving fish on nice and sunny days. As the witching hour comes upon, try throwing bigger olive and black streamers for a chance to get that juicy glory shot everyone is looking for!

#12 Brown Elk Hair Caddis 
#14/16 Purple Haze or Parachute Adams
Henry's Fork Salmonfly
Moorish Salmonfly
Egg Drop Salmonfly
Golden Stone 
Water Walker 
#16 PMD Mayfly 
#14 Yellow Sally

Mini-loop Sculpin
White Silk Kitty
Peanut Envy

#14 BH CDC Pheasant Tail
#14 Yellow Spot Jig Head
#10 20 Incher
#14 BH Hares Ear
#18 Jans Pearl Caddis Pupa

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