Post-Runoff Fishing on the Madison

 Late June Fishing Madison River

June 20th, 2019 -

Runoff has peaked and the Madison is coming into shape and fishing well. We are slightly behind “normal” but the Salmonfly hatch is imminent. We anticipate seeing big bugs at Ennis sometime next week. If you want to fish The Hatch, you may want to run to the Big Hole. The hatch has been happening there for about a week now and should still be going good on the Upper river.

Meantime, fishing on the Madison has been quite good.  Large stonefly nymphs and a variety of attractor nymphs and Caddis larvae have been productive. Try a #4 black or brown Turd trailing a #16 Olive Serendipity. Many other patterns are producing also, but the theme remains the same.

Streamer fishing has also been good in the mornings. Large black streamers are always a good bet in dirty water, but olive and yellow have been working also.

Dry fly fishing on the Upper Madison has been spotty, but should steadily improve over the coming weeks. Some fish are taking Caddis dries mid-day and in the evening. The big show is about to happen and conditions are lining up perfectly for some great dry fly action next week.

#6 Woolly Bugger (Olive, Black)
Dolly Lama (Olive/White, Olive/Black)
Mini Loop Sculpin (Olive, Tan)
Sex Dungeon (White)
Boogeyman (Olive)
Mini Sex Dungeon (Olive)

#6 Black Rubber Legs
#8 Mega Prince
#12-16 Lightning Bug
#14 Jighead Prince
#12 Spanker (Red, Silver)
#14 Brillion's Lucent Prince Jig
#16-18 Psycho Prince (Green)
Chenille Worm-Pink *if flows jump again*

#16 Peacock Caddis
#16 Elk Hair Caddis (Brown)
#16 CDC Elk Hair Caddis (Olive)
#14 Mico Chubby (Olive, Royal)

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