Lower Madison Caddis Hatch

Lower Madison Caddis Hatch

May 17th, 2020 -

5/19 Flows Update: Water rose overnight to about 2600 CFS on the upper river, with less than a foot of visisbility. 

Spring weather has been all over the place, but the upper Madison has provided consistent fishing opportunities, per usual. The lower river has produced lots of good dry fly action as of late. Baetis hatches are likely to be found on the more overcast/dreary days, while a prolific caddis hatch is more likely on a sunnier and slightly warmer day. Fish peacock caddis if you find yourself in the right spot and the right time on the lower when fish are rising. The later in the day, the better for caddis chances on the lower.

On the upper... The water conditions are good. Slightly off-color, but plenty of visibility. There have been some sporadic march brown hatches along with some other smaller baetis, but not much for caddis to this point. Both streamers and nymphing are effective right now. A turd and a worm are sure to turn up some results if placed in the proper spot. With the flows up a bit, look for the soft water on the banks along with any other features that will provide a spot for fish to rest and have their food brought to them.

The slightly off-colored water provides the opportunity to up your tippet size and throw something a bit flashier than normal. Flashy streamers like a Kreelex or Sparkle Minnow can be the ticket right now. Conditions vary and if that's not getting it done, don’t overlook a change to something more natural; colors such as black/olive/white in a bugger, mini-dungeon or a screamer are some of our favorites. 

The river is fishing great and we hope to see you here on your way to the water! Stop in for additional information and stoke.

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