Summer is Almost Upon Us

Fishing Report May

May 24th, 2019 -

After a brief taste of higher and murkier runoff waters, the temperature has cooled off this week and knocked us down about 1500 CFS, with most parts of the upper sitting at 1500-2000 CFS. Water visibility is looking strong headed into Memorial Day weekend with around three feet of visibility in places. Plenty of fish to be had throughout the upper and lower stretches. Fish are finding nooks and crannies and also moving into faster water.

Streamer season is upon us and the results can be ever so fruitful. Definitely head out with a few trusty streamers in your pack; our favorites right now are Mini Dungeons and Peanut Envys.

The Mother’s Day caddis hatch tapered off with the initial burst of runoff waters. The last few days we’ve seen mass amounts of March Browns hit the air so pick up a few of these before heading out.

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Mega Prince #6, Black Tungsten Head Stonefly #6, Hot Pink San Juan Worm #12, Jig Yellow Spot #16,

Dry Flies
March Browns #14, Guide Chute Adams #12

Black/Olive CH Wooly Bugger, Black Zonker, Olive Peanut Envy, Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitten, Boogeyman

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